Spanish teachers conception of creativity


    Ferrando, M., Ferrandiz, C., Bermejo, R., Sainz, M., Soto, G., Valverde, J, & Prieto, L. (2013). Spanish teachers conception of creativity. Boletín de Investigación de la facultad de educación de la universidad de Murcia. (1).155-172. Accesible en



    Schools are pressured to foster their students’ creativity in their classrooms, because creativity has become a valuable skill in our days. Many programs and techniques have been published over the years, but the change in the school will not occur at least teachers believe in it. Teachers are the fundamental pillars in which national education remains. Their beliefs, expectations, fears and worries facing a new teaching methodology will determinate both the implementation and the success of such methodologies. This study aims to better understand the explicit and implicit theories of creativity hold by teachers and what are the activities and task usually used to foster creativity. A total of 29 aged between 21 and 50 years old (M= 35.63 SD= 14.36) took part in this study. They had different degrees of teaching experience. They complement a questionnaire, which asked for their previous knowledge about creativity, their pedagogical experiences, and beliefs about creativity. Results are discussed in terms of comparison with similar studies which have analyzed teachers’ believes about creativity.

    Keywords: Teachers’ beliefs; Creativity; Pedagogical practices; CREANET.